Petal. 2003. 430mm x 580mm
        Colour enhanced scanning electron micrograph.
        [Archival inkjet print on Somerset Velvet paper]
      Microcosm. 2008.
      Lambda print.  1150mms x 1150mms.
      Colour enhanced scanning electron micrograph.
          Corollular Valve.
          Lambda Print. 2006. 1200mms x 1800mms.
          Digital mixed media montage.   
      Digitalis : Changing the Rhythm.  2009.

      Lambda Print. 1230mms x 2165mms.

      Digital photomontage.

Digitalis vesalius 2006
Archival ink-jet Print. 1800mms x 2000mms
Digital photomontage.

            In the Heart of the Flower. 2006.
            Archival Inkjet Print on paper. 850mms x 600mms.
            Digital mixed media montage.

      ‘Pollen Grains’. 2009.
      Lambda Print. 500mms x 1270mms.
      Digital photomontage sequence of colour enhanced scanning electron micrographs.

        Found - A Secret Heart. 2009.

        Light-box image and Digital C-Type photograph.
        200mms x 255mms.
        Colourenhanced scanning electron micrograph.
            Fusion No1. 2009.
            Archival Inkjet print. 600mm x 890mm.
            Digital mixed media montage
         Heart Stopping. 2007.
         Lambda Print. 1200mms x 1400mms.
         Digital photomontage.

Pauline’s work is concerned with the exploration of the process of change and of states of change, through the investigation of botanical and zoological forms, where structure is constantly transforming – the flux of life.


Pauline produces mainly two dimensional work, including painting, mixed media and print. Images are created through the use of micrographs via digital techniques up to large – format in scale, and also as light boxes. The work reflects upon the interdependence of life forms on the planet and our place within this.